Photovoltaic plant | MONINI SPA
7 Novembre 2016
Photovoltaic plant | COSTA D’ORO SpA
31 Ottobre 2016
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Photovoltaic plant | CONSMAREMMA

Made only with European components, the plant is constituted by 1202 modules and 12 inverters produced by Siliken and it is completely remote monitored by a software that checks the correct working.

Power: 276.46 kWp
Estimated annual production: 313,777 kWh
Surface: 1922 m²
Annual reduction of polluting emissions into the atmosphere: 72,17 TEP
Annual CO2 reduction: 161,29 Tons

Consmaremma is a cooperative society that includes more than 30 associated cooperatives in Lazio and Tuscany including also two regional Authorities for the agricultural development.
Consmaremma is a consolidated point of reference with its annual turnover of about 12 million Euros per year, that on one hand produces and supplies selected zootechnical fodders and seeds and, on the other hand, it deals to propose and to sell on the market its associates companies’ cereal and oleaginous (sunflower oil) products.